Friday, January 28, 2011

Cornish Wants Level 2 Sex Offenders Listed Online The Cost!! $200,000.00 plus

With over 200 Level Three Sex Offenders on the Minnesota Dept of Corrections Web Site, Rep. Tony Cornish, a Republican and the Lake Crystal police Chief wants to add more than 1200 new people to the list.  The cost of this would be around $250,000.00 to start and more than likely hit around $750,000.00 in just a few years.
This is no more than a political move, it’s a scare tactic used by politicians when they are running for office or need something to show them in a good public view.  We sent Rep. Cornish an email asking him the real cost and why is he doing this.  We have not received an answer, and we don’t expect one.  To put these offenders on a web site is not just paying a person to sit there and type names.  It would involve hundreds of State and Local employees.  Most Police Departments are working on small budgets, but we are sure Rep Cornish would not mind taking more of your money to pay them
This is just one of those many State politicians who are not in it for the job of representing the people, but a politician who runs on W.I.F.M.  What’s In It For Me.
Rep Cornish,
We are wondering what you are really doing for the voters of Minnesota? What are you doing to bring jobs to Minnesota?  What are you doing about the growing Illegal Immigration problem in Minnesota?  What are you doing about Taxes in Minnesota?  What are you doing to bring business to Minnesota?  What are you doing about Education in Minnesota?
The Minnesota Dept of Corrections is doing a good job, please do yours.  That job is to help us in this horrible economy not to think you can scare us.  We are scared enough about where our next check is coming from and how we are going to feed our family.
 My site was nominated for Best Political Blog!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My site was nominated for Best Political Blog!         It seems that there are so many things we don't need in Minnesota and as I was going over the news this morning I came across all of these items.  I ask you do we as taxpayers need any of these or more important need to have OUR money spent on them.
      In the current budget that ends June 30, 2011, this bill gives the Minnesota Management and Budget commissioner the directive to reduce state agency spending by $200 million to prevent a “Christmas in June” for agencies that spend excess money in order to protect their total level of funding.     
     What that means is these State Agencies are going to spend more to get more.  Yes they are going to spend more of OUR money so they can get more of OUR money!!  Sounds like BS to me                        

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address

            As I sat back and heard our Presidents speech last night I was really taken back by what he had to say.  He came across as sincere, honest and forthright to me.  Just about everything he said I agreed with, the anger, name calling, killings just made sense to me. 
                         I took a good hard look at that this morning, as I was reading the comments on WCCO, Fox, Star and Tribune, CNN, and KSTP.  I looked at what people were writing and what I have written in the past.  I was not that person who I thought I was, I was also writing the name calling and we are better than you crap just as I saw from the others.
            I went to my email and it was full of the same kind of hate and disgust for my fellow Americans.  My first email was from the American Tea Party asking me to call Michelle Bachmann and tell her she does not speak for the Tea Party?  I sent them an email back to take me off their list.  My second was from the Minnesota GOP telling me how wrong and evil President Obama is.  My third was from the Minnesota DFL telling me to support our President on all fronts, and not the Minnesota GOP.  I also sent them emails to take me off their lists.
     Yes we need to watch where our money goes, and cut back on the spending.  I think all parties would agree to that, but this hatred for each other has to stop.
If there is one wonderful thing that I got out of the Presidents speech last night it was we need to come together.  We need to some how come together and work this out, or we will fail as America, not Americans but America.  Our great country will go down in the history books as not the Great Society, but as the Worst Society.
We as a country have come so far where only white men ruled to a place where anyone can become President.  We came from working the ground with a horse to feeding the world.  We came from having a wagon train on the Nebraska fields to putting a man on the moon.  We came from hitting the beaches of France to helping the survivors of an earthquake in Haiti.
We have done so much when we come together, and yet we push each other away when it comes to helping this country grow as a nation.
I can’t set here and not wonder what our founding fathers would think of us at this point in our history.  Do they look at us as little children crying for what’s in it for me? or do they look at us as failures for what we have become.  Ether choice I am not proud to be part of, but I have been both.
When I was a child growing up in St Paul my father always told me people have something to say and it’s important to hear them, today I think I really heard him.
I don’t know where to start, but I do know this.  I will listen more to what others have to say, and I don’t mean just glance over it but to take it to heart as what my fellow Americans mean.