Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The State Union Workers in Minnesota Stealing From Taxpayers

My site was nominated for Best Political Blog!With all the Union rallies going on in Wisconsin we need to look at what the State Union Workers are doing to the tax payers in Minnesota and what they consider fair.
            Lets take a look at what mape.org Minnesota Association Of Professional Employees wrote in their website today Tuesday February 22, 2011
                Schools are closed. Workers, high school and college students, community members, religious groups and concerned citizens have dropped their daily lives to rally against Gov. Scott Walker’s Draconian attacks on middle-class jobs and his proposal to strip Wisconsin teachers, nurses, social workers and other public employees of their collective bargaining rights
                Let’s read what they are saying. 
We the Union are having our teachers call in sick and having Doctors give them fake sick notes.  We are telling you this because even thought you the voters of Wisconsin elected a new Governor and Senators to clean up the waste, we think you the voters are wrong and we are going to do everything we can to take your votes and throw them in the trash.  We don’t care about the financial mess that both parties got us into and we just want more money.
The Unions in Wisconsin are right now paying nothing into their retirement and not a dime into their healthcare.  How about the private workers? They are paying about 25% into their healthcare and retirement, which is not right.  But still the unions want more of the tax dollars.
Gov. Walker’s proposal would require government employees to contribute 5.8 percent of their wages to their pensions and 12.6 percent toward health care costs. Both figures are still quite generous; on average, private sector workers pay about twice that. Those add up to a combined pay cut of 7 to 11 percent. This is a small price to pay to bring the budget back in order.
Government Unions make 32% higher income than their private counterpart, so with the cut that is being asked of the unions they still come out ahead.
People are also learning that, nationwide, unionize government workers have 31 percent higher salaries than non-unionized government workers and receive 68 percent more in benefits. Even with an 11-percent benefit cut, the unionized portion of Wisconsin’s government workforce would still cost more for taxpayers to maintain than in other states.
             Last year KSTP did a story on the City of St Paul workers and the work they did.  The work consisted of going on long breaks and milking the clock.  The were unions milking the tax payers (your money) If this was done in the private sector these workers would have been fired on the spot.
            Last year in Minnesota we had a nurses strike that the union said was about the patients. How strange it was when the union got their money, not another word about the patients.
            When illegal immigrants were caught by ICE last fall in St. Paul the union was right there to fight for their rights.  What they did was sell out on the American worker.
            When Detroit was having financial problems and went to the unions for concessions, the unions would not budge.  Now Detroit has an 18% unemployment rate thanks to the unions.
So this is what is coming to the Minnesota taxpayers, get ready to open your wallets to help pay all the healthcare costs for Government Unions while you struggle to pay for a Doctors visit for yourself or your child.
The unions had their time and they did a great job in helping the workers of America.  But the Unions have sold out to the dollar and the turned their back on the American workers.  The Unions have turned from shaking your hand to giving you and the American public a shake down of our wallets.
Again if you know of any tax waste please email us at mark@mntaxwaste.com

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