Tuesday, March 15, 2011

State Sen. Terri Bonoff Democrat District 43 from Lake Minnetonka Wants Jesus Out of Senate Prayers!

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State Sen. Terri Bonoff has come out to say that she wants Jesus out of the Minnesota Senate Prayer.  When I was reading this I could not feel anything but anger at her.  For too long people like her have tried to take our right to prayer out of our schools and now she has moved to take the word Jesus out of our State Capitol. 

            We sent Sen. Bonoff an email to interview her, or get her comments on this but have not heard back from her or her staff.  We are wondering why such a simple name could give her such a pain that she would want it removed from prayer.  She is Jewish and is well aware of what the name Jesus means to her. 

            The name “Jesus” in her own words makes her feel uncomfortable.  How could one mans name make a person feel so uncomfortable that they would want to have it removed from prayers?  I got to thinking how I would feel if a group wanted to use their right as Americans to pray and what I would do.  I would leave the room if the prayers or the person whom they were praying to.  That’s it in a nut shell, just leave the room and go do my own thing.  This self righteous Senator wants to force her views on religion and the state down our throats with out a fight.  Thinking all along that we would lay down and let her take our right as Americans to pray.

            The last time I checked Senator, the United States Constitution gives us that right, and no one will take that right away from us.  Could we Senator use another name in place of Jesus?  How about Buddha or Mohamed? Or would those names make you feel uncomfortable?  If a Rabbi would come and pray would that be ok in your book?

            I am a big believer in ones right to pray, and believe that the state has already taken many of our religious and personal rights away over the past 25 years.  But Sen. Bonoff has gone too far in taking more of these rights away because one mans name makes her feel uncomfortable.

            Sen. Bonoff do you want to know what makes us feel uncomfortable?  People unable to find work, taxes going up, State Senators thinking of funding a stadium as our roads get more and more pot holes, our homes in foreclosure, Minnesota school children failing, but the schools want more money!  These are just a few of the things that make us uncomfortable.

            How about stop caring about what’s important to you and take care of the voters who put you in office!

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